Art Of Feeling

Samsung - Art of feeling

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The Brief

Show how Samsung's latest S7 mobile phone incorporates NFC for interaction with payments and sharing

The Strategy

An NFC triggered mobile application, on Samsung S7 phones given to visitors at the Leopold Museum in Vienna to capture the visitors emotions when looking at a piece of art and aggregate data visualisations to show the collective feeling of the impact of art.
We created an android application that was integrated with NFC throughout the museums multiple floors, allowing users to select a colour that represented their feeling in response to that piece art. Data was collected, and with custom algorithms processed to make user generated art of connected feelings and shareable content online.

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The Result

Over 220,000 visitors to the museum during the launch, participated in the event. 10,000 generated data visualisations for users to take away, with a website showing collected user data feelings from the art and an out of home connected experience amplifying the event.

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